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Compound particles small dose packaging machine

This series of semi-automatic packaging function can do the measuring and filling work. It is suitable for packaging the powder materials, such as flour, milk powder,cocoa powder,cotton, sugar,carbon powder, talcum powder and so on..

Main characteristics
1.       Dual independent weighing hopper weighing: it is not liable to be affected by the external condition, Separated from the bag, it will work faster.
2.       The feeding machine can be changed depends on the proportion of the material when it is working.  So that it can reached the higher Accuracy and speed.
3.       Independent Single Weight Sensor: more stable, higher sensitivity. It breaks the current domestic traditional instrumentation control system.
4.       it can set the time automatically remembers the current packaging frequency shift, it is easy to pass the transfer, and it can feedback current rate of qualified products in time.
5.       It have calibration procedure: calibration with weights and hooks can be calibrated, at any time convenient for a long time it will be useful for The weight for a long time without drift
6.       Weighing hopper was Sealby the glass seal, dust extraction devices are also available, it is easy to collect dust and can greatly reduce the pollution of the workshop.
7.       Weighing hopper was used by hook type, it can be directly removed , it is easy cleaning clear residual materials.

Technical  parameters
Model                  MJZ-Z1                MJZ-Z2
packing weight       50-2000g                200-5000g
packing accuracy     ≤±1.5g               ≤±2g
packing speed       15-30/min               8-15/min
method of measurment 震动给料,实时称重反馈   震动给料,实时称重反馈
power supply          220V 50-60Hz           220V 50-60Hz
total power         0.5kw                   0.7kw
total weight         150kg                  180kg
overall size        L660×W530×H1660mm     L875×W860×H2010mm