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Automatic filling machine type (double)
Brief Introduction:
The equipment is the basis of our long-term practice in the field of powder cans, discard the original rotary feed tank design, and a new design of a double station canning machine. Single row of main and auxiliary double filling system and the first feed tank system, ensure the high precision and remove the rotary feed tank cleaning system inconvenient. Mainly to complete high precision filling metering work. Can be matched with other equipment set of canned lines, suitable for canned milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, glucose, rice noodles, cocoa powder, solid drink.
Single row of double head filling, the filling and filled with high accuracy, canned.
Servo and pneumatic control system can support and horizontal tank, accurate positioning, speed.
Drive control screw servo motor and servo, stable performance, high precision.
All stainless steel structure; horizontal chute (and polishing), it is easy to clean.
PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface, easy operation.
Weighing system, high reaction speed of the high speed and high precision can be achieved canned.
Filling head is equipped with a hand wheel to adjust the height, easy external tank type canned.
Equipped with dust removal device, is connected with the negative pressure pipeline, no dust pollution of the environment.
The horizontal straight line type structure, small occupation area, easy to clean.
Fixed screw mounting structure, no metal pollution canning.
The workflow
Tank→supporting tank→vibration→filling→ vibration→vibration→weighing feedback→filled
→weight checking→finish.
With the whole line of central control system.

Technical parameter:

Model QGl-1C
Measuring Mode supplementary spiral filling
Canned weight 10 - 5000g
Container size shape is not limited,H:50-350mm
Degree of Accuracy ≤500g,≤±1.5g;100 - 1000g,≤±2.5g,≥ 1000g,≤±4g;
Speed 25-55cans/min
Air compressed 6-8Kg/Cm2,0.2m3 /min
The whole volume 3330 x 1200 x 2930mm
The whole weight 700kg
Volumn 50L, 26L
Power three-phase 380V(or custom single-phase 220V)50-60Hz/3.5Kw