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Fullautomatic Canned filling machine
Brief instruction:
This machine was designed for automatic can feeding, weighing, filling and failed packs detect & delete. It’s suitable for packaging powdery & grainy product, such as: milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, white sugar, dextrose, fodder, coffee power, solid medicament, powdery & grainy additive, dyestuff, etc.
Main features:
The whole machine is made of stainless steel material except of motor, in particular the application of GMP, food sanitation certification, and suitable for the amyctic materials.
Touch-screen man-machine interface: work stability, anti-interference, high-precision weighing, easy and intuitive to operate. Stepless adjust the packaging weight. Change the working parameter at any time, easy to control.
Servo motor driving screw is characteristics of high-precision orientation, high-speed, great-torque, long-life, setup rotate speed, stable performance.
Stirrer’s driven by the Taiwanese motor reducer: low noise, long life, maintenance-free life.
Weight feedback and proportion track get rid of the shortage of variable packaged weight for various proportion of different material
Side-open of the hopper is made of  stainless steel and is consist of glass,damp. material movement at a glance through the glass,air-sealed to avoid the  leak, and the discharge material mouth with the dust collector to protect the workshop dnvironment .
Replacing the auger parts, it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.

Metering mode: Auger rotation filling (Applicable to canned packing for granule or powder)
Size of the container: Cylindrical containerφ50—200MM  High 50-350MM
Packing weight: 10-5000g (The screw attachment is to be changed)
Packaging accuracy: ≤ 100g, ≤±1g; >100g,≤±1%
Filling rate: 10-50 cans/min
Cans supply:
Power supply : 3P 380V/1P 220V  50~60HZ
Total power: 2KW
Total weight: 300kg
Overall Dimensions: 2500×800×2200MM
Hopper Volume: 50L