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Particles automatic packaging machine
A, the main performance and structure features:
1. The fashion appearance, reasonable structure, advanced technology.
2. Imported PLC control system, color touch screen, easy operation, intuitive and efficient.
3. The imported servo tension membrane system and electric eye, accurate positioning, functional excellence, perfect packaging
4. Automatic alarm protection system to reduce the loss rate.
5. The use of advanced computer combination scale weighing method, high accuracy, high efficiency, no broken material.
6. Automatic feeding, metering, bag making, filling (exhaust), sealing, code, all finished product delivery process.
7. Suitable for all kinds of bag, seal bag, inserted Angle bag, hang back hole bag, multigang bag and so on.
Second, the overall system configuration
(a) the host
(2) long computer function scale
(3) the Z material hoist