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Semi-automatic packaging machine (quantitative type)

This series of semi-automatic packaging function can do the measuring and filling work. It is suitable for packaging the powder materials, such as flour, milk powder,cocoa powder,cotton, sugar,carbon powder, talcum powder and so on.

Main characteristics
1. It match the national GMP standards and food hygiene certification, all stainless steel machine (it can be customized 316L material)
2. Fully sealed glass stainless steel combination semi-open bins, it is easy to wash without tools
3. it used the touch screen, PLC control, stable, anti-jamming, its advantages is easy, intuitive, long life and other advantages.
4. Filling screw driven by servo motor, with the advantages of positioning accuracy, high precision, speed, torque, speed can be set , and good stability
5. Mixing units produced using the gear motor maintenance, low noise, long life, maintenance-free within its life.
6. Designed for weighing feedback tracking weight, overcome by change in materials resulting in a change package weight disadvantage
7. Adjust the operating parameters of product formulations can be stored, for later use, it can store maximum 10 sets of operating parameters
8. Cassette screw attachment with quick connection, replacement fast, it can able to adapt to small particles of fine powder and other materials packaging needs

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