China's packaging machinery network: China's packaging machinery equipment motivational foray into foreign markets
* Editor : Shanghai QiangNiu Packing Machine Equipment Co.LTD * Time : 2015-7-11 21:26:21

"Twelfth five-year" period, in view of our country in recent years the development of packaging machinery trends: 2011 year-round industry sustained steady development, overall sales growth of 27% year-on-year, but since 2012 due to the adverse impact of the foreign markets and packaging machinery industry market is facing great pressure.

At present, China's packaging machinery manufacturing technology still lags behind that of foreign developed countries, compared with foreign equipment there is still a technical level is low, the quality is not up to standard, independent innovation ability is insufficient, etc, so the packaging machinery industry in China wants to get out of China to enter the foreign market, it is necessary to take some corresponding improving measures.

As domestic consumption level rise, in recent years, articles for daily use packaging and medicine packaging increases the demand for packaging machinery, which will directly lead to the development of packaging machinery industry in China, now many domestic packaging machinery industry through the introduction of foreign technology and technical personnel for independent innovation, are already developing high technology level of machinery and equipment, in addition, the packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country with imported parts, some of the key parts to quick packaging machinery manufacturing and design level of development, so as to improve the reliability of the technology of mechanical equipment. Now, our country in terms of high-end packaging machinery and equipment is not enough to compared with the technology of other countries, but some low-tech products, used in export trade, still can meet the demand of foreign markets. Our product's biggest advantage is low cost, compared with other countries products, the same product, consumers will choose the lower price, therefore, China packaging machinery network Packaging machinery in our country, it seems, or will take the price advantage to enter foreign markets.

To sum up, China's packaging machinery industry overall technical level is low, unable to compete with foreign products in the international market, therefore, now the domestic market is supposed to pay attention to improve the research and design of special equipment of large and medium-sized precision, reliability, service life of equipment to put in more effort, only high quality, low price of the product, can occupy the market stability, to enter foreign markets.